Why You Should Have Sex on a Daily Basis

Are you in a relationship? If you are, are you pleased with the frequency of intimacy? If you
would like to be more sexually active with your partner, you will want to set a goal for
yourself. Share that goal with your partner. The two of you can make a game out of trying to
achieve. To get you started, a great goal to have is having sex on a daily basis.

Being intimate on a daily basis? Right now, you are either thinking two things. First, you may
be thinking “we already do that!” If so, good for you. You officially have a happy and healthy
sex life. On the other, you may be thinking “no way, there is no time.” If that is the case,
know it isn’t true. You may be surprised just how many couples out there have sexual
relations on a daily basis. It is also important to note that these couples often have the
healthiest and happiest relationships of all.

As for why you should set the goal of being intimate on a daily basis, you will find that dong so
is healthy for your relationship. As previously stated, couples who have intimacy on a daily
basis often have the healthiest relationships. When in a serious relationship, intimacy is
important. Yes, your relationship should not be based on sex, but it is a huge component of
it. Connecting intimately shows your partner that you truly love them. So why not take steps
to express your love everyday?

Your chances of experimenting are also likely to increase when you have sexual relations on a
daily basis. Why? Because if you have sex daily, you may honestly get bored with that you
are doing. However, instead of opting to reduce the frequency of intimacy, many couples
decide to experiment instead. This is something that may provide you with excitement or a
source of motivation. This experimentation may involve the use of sex toys, pornographic
videos, new positions, and some sexual enhancement supplements.

Sex is also good for your health. That is just another one of the many reasons why you may
want to set a daily goal. Those who have healthy sex lives are less likely to suffer from stress
and depression. This may improve your relationship by limiting the amount of disagreements
you and your partner have. It is also important to note that sex burns calories. What could
be better than working to lose weight while being adventurous with the man or woman you

The above mentioned information was designed for men and women who are in exclusive
relationships, such as a marriage. If you are not involved with anyone right now, daily sex
may not be a wise idea for you. This is because you may end up with a different partner each
and every night. A s fun and as exciting as this may sound, you may end up putting your
health at risk. Remember that your risk of developing a sexually transmitted disease
increases with each additional sex partner you have.

In conclusion, having sex on a daily basis is a good idea. If you aren’t already having daily
sex, it may be a wise idea to set the goal. You may be surprised just how much daily, intense
intimacy can help to improve your relationship.

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